B4i Library iHockeyCrash - crash reports

Name: iHockeyCrash


Description: iHockeyCrash is a wrapper of the HockeySDK (only the crash part) and allows you to receive crash reports directly to your Hockey dashboard, where they are symbolicated automatically (no mac required, you just need to upload the dsym symbols).

License: https://github.com/bitstadium/HockeySDK-iOS/blob/develop/LICENSE

  • first, you need to register a new iOS App at the Hockey dashboard and grab the AppID
  • download the attached "Bundle.zip" and put the HockeySDKResources.bundle into the Special folder of your project
  • the setup is very easy, use the following code in the Application_Start sub:
        HC.Initialize("YOUR APPID")
        HC.SetMsgBox("Ooops","The App crashed. Please help us by sending the crash log","Don't send","Send now","Always send")
    (HC is a HockeyCrash object, declared in the Process_Globals sub)
  • a crash report is send to the dashboard once the App crashes and the user opens the App again
  • you can ignore the following error: [HockeySDK] void bit_fixBackupAttributeForURL(NSURL *__strong)_block_invoke/177 ERROR: Error while setting resource value: The file “Application Support” doesn’t exist. (See also)
Download the Library here.

Feel free to ask questions ;)


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So if one wants to play it absolutely safe and not risk legal issues, it's better to actually display the message box.

That said, I would assume that the folks at HockeyApp knows all about this, so it's probably a good idea to ask them for advice. (I would also like to ignore showing the message box and get all reports.)


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probably a good idea to ask them for advice
I have asked them:

is it compliant with the Apple guidelines and the GDPR to send crash reports via HockeyApp without asking for the users permission first (CrashManager status is set to always send) and not giving the opportunity to disable the reporting?

Thank you


Their answer:

Hi Jan,

Our understanding is that GDPR requires that you disclose what data your service is collecting, however our team is not in a position to offer legal advice and recommends that you review your privacy strategy with proper legal counsel. Prior to doing so, we also recommend that you review what data is captured in your crashes.

I hope that helps. Thanks,


I can understand HockeyCrash, I wouldn't offer legal advice as well in their position.
Personally, I will show the MessageBox always, however it's your decision and you as a developer have to take care to obey the law.

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recently, HockeyApp (https://hockeyapp.net) has been migrated to the Visual Studio App Center (https://appcenter.ms).

I have created an account at https://appcenter.ms and created an entry for myapp.
Then I took the app ID from the 'Getting started' paragraph

[MSAppCenter start:@"xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx" withServices:@[ [MSAnalytics class], [MSCrashes class] ]];

and used it for your code:

HC.SetMsgBox("Ooops","The App crashed. Please help us by sending the crash log","Don't send","Send now","Always send")

However, I get an error:
[HockeySDK] -[BITHockeyManager logInvalidIdentifier:]/144 [HockeySDK] ERROR: The app identifier is invalid! Please use the HockeyApp app identifier you find on the apps website on HockeyApp! The SDK is disabled!

Does the library work with an appcenter.ms account?

Thanks a lot,
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I guess not. I will release an update soon.

Was there a new version released that works with appcenter.ms.account after all, or does this library not usable anymore?