I'm learning C#

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Peter Simpson, Aug 7, 2015.

  1. Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson Expert Licensed User

    That's it, and since @Erel has removed announcements front the right hand side of the main page, I'll just have to put my boring old announcements here.

    Anyway why did he remove announcements???
    I've not really been on here for a couple of weeks and it's all changed.
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  2. LucaMs

    LucaMs Expert Licensed User

    Probably this is not the right place for that question (but Erel has a thousand eyes, then he will read this post :)).

    Besides, he has deleted that part right in the day when I needed it most (fortunately I have a short memory and I can not remember why I needed it :D).

    One last thing: when you have learned C#... please, teach it to me, with a few... italian words :D
  3. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    The profile posts were removed because I felt that this feature mostly didn't add any value.

    There was about a single post each day many of these posts were questions which should have been posted in the forum instead.
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  4. cimperia

    cimperia Active Member Licensed User

    @Peter: what are you learning C# for? I am just curious.
  5. Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson Expert Licensed User

    Basically @cimperia I've always made good money from VB in one form or another especially windows programs over the years, I also create ASP.NET websites. I've decided to learn C# MVC because I need to future proof my myself as I'm a self employed developer and do not want to fall too far behind the trends, I do not work for a company as an employee otherwise I probably would have learned C# MVC years ago. C# uses the M$ .NET Framework and I can then use C#MVC to create modern up to date websites. I can already create database driven websites in ASP.NET, here is an ASP.NET website that I created for a client, the website interacts with a windows ordering system, customer orders on the website and the order appears in my clients Windows invoicing package automatically, no copy and paste needed from email www.storageremovalboxes.co.uk.

    I'm looking to learn C# MVC to future proof myself and my business, plus C# can be used to create modern Windows apps, but then again I will probably keep developing in Windows programs using VB. But saying that, C# is more geared up for modern coding, in a lot of cases more so than VB. Just looking at create a new project in Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 and the amount of options under C# compared to VB is really impressive. I'm not saying that I will use the extra options, but it's always nice to be able to use those extra option in the future, maybe.

    Yes with C# and www.xamarin.com in VS 2015 you can create one project that work across mobile platform (Android and iOS), but to tell you truth I'm really not interested in that, I love my B4x products and @Erel does a great job with his updating his products, I also enjoy being a part of this great forum. So even though once I learn C# in theory will be able to create Android, iOS and Windows Phones apps in VS 2015, I do not intend to do so as there are no other Android/iOS forums like this one anywhere else on the www, so it would be a complete waste of time doing do.

    Learning C# is not as difficult as I first though it would be...
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  6. sorex

    sorex Expert Licensed User

    google must hate that site :)

    multi doc types, headers, bodies etc

    I used to work with ASP (classic) for about 15 years but never like ASP.NET, I jumped onto the PHP train years ago tho and prefer that for all new projects unless I need to build on some existing ASP stuff.
  7. Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson Expert Licensed User

    Actually @sorex it does really well for Paul,
    Nobody really knows how Google figures out websites with their hundreds if not thousands of algorithms for sorting out websites, even if you watch Google developers channel which is suppose to help website developers, they only ever give out the obvious and nothing else.

    My personal website is on Google's first page and has been for 8 years, but hey I just presume that I'm just lucky (I've changed by website 3 times). Actually 3 of my personal website for 3 different types of businesses are all on the first page on Google and Bing for my chosen key word searches, from developing Android app, developing Windows programs and selling and developing Invoicing solutions with stock control and customers accounts management with TAX returns (double entry bookkeeping). Yes I do well and I've not got anything to complain about, my customers are also happy with my services :)

    You have probably seen my posts on Android invoicing systems, Bluetooth printing on 58mm receipt printers and Bluetooth barcode scanning, I'm actually big into invoicing and stock control solution and have customers currently beta testing my Android solution (that's nice of them). I don't really enjoy web solutions as it can be a right pain in the ass to get working on all browsers etc, so I'm trying to concentrate on Windows and Android. I do have to start an Windows/Android/Web port solution in the next month though for a client. I'm going to enjoy the Windows development (VS 2015) for the office workers, I'm going to enjoy the Android development (B4A 5.02) for the engineers on the road, but I'm not going to enjoy the web portal in VS2015 ASP.NET for the end user to view and download certificates and also view orders and printing invoicing, oh yes and making payments.

    @sorex I know a bit of PHP but I've only ever used it if I really have to :)
  8. cimperia

    cimperia Active Member Licensed User

    Great answer Peter. I did not expect such a detailed response and it’s very interesting to hear from fellow developers‘s itinerary, where they are at and where they want to go.

    I was asking because I have been a C, C++ and finally C# developer for more than 20 years, actually maybe 10 years only for C#.

    Learning C was not by choice as the company that employed me was mainly a C shop. I love C# and have developed lots of Windows apps with it – one of them being an accounting package that was mildly successful. I was very excited when I saw that Xamarin was offering their product which allowed you to cross develop over multiple platforms. However the price put me off and the performance is not always what you expect. By the way Xamarin is available prior to VS2015 as I’ve trialed it in VS2012. I don’t believe that it will be free with VS2015, have you heard otherwise?

    I’ve never used C# and ASP to develop websites as I have always found it easier to use PHP and a CMS.

    I am still not sure why you’re learning C#, but it’s a wonderful language – have fun :)

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  9. Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson Expert Licensed User

    Basically to improve my programming skills @cimperia

    I've always been a VB.Net developer and I've made a really nice living out of it. Being a self employed developer I suppose that It was easy to use VB.Net. When I get work from clients I do not have to worry about C++ for speed or C# etc, I just coded in VB.Net and my clients love my work as it help them run their businesses more smoothly and efficiently. My clients are not really bothered what I code in (language wise) as long as I get the job done, but I think that it's about time I learnt C# MVC. I'm sure that C# will come in handy at some point so I might as well just learn it. Who knows, maybe I will end up creating Windows programs in C# and not VB.Net.

    @cimperia click on Simply Software in my signature...
  10. sorex

    sorex Expert Licensed User

    the benefit is/was that php has a lot under the hood where you needed extra (payable) extentions/dll's whatever to get the same done with ASP (classic)

    to name something... uploads larger than 2MB failed, no realtime image processing.

    these might be covered by ASP.NET (or again 3rd party tools) tho
  11. cimperia

    cimperia Active Member Licensed User

    I like what I see. I am pretty sure you have excellent SQL skills. I made a living with SQL and Oracle's PL/SQL, by that I mean it was really where the money was for me as a contractor.

    I had a look at Xamarin and VS2015 and it does look like you'll need a license - a pity.
  12. LucaMs

    LucaMs Expert Licensed User

    We're old and late :D:(:)

    When C# was born? Erel was a child, he was only 35 years old.

    I remember (strange!) at the beginning VB.Net was considered the little brother of C#; I also remember that after a few years the differences between the two fell much (I'm talking about the first years of the third millennium).

    Precisely for this initial advantage, however, C# is considered more professional (I do not agree).
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  13. Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson Expert Licensed User

    I agree with what you say about C# @LucaMs, it is considered more professional than VB.NET. But as I mentioned earlier, I make a very nice living out of VB.NET and my clients are more than happy with my work. If I were going to get a job at a company then C++ or C# would be a huge advantage to have and VB is not an advantage. In the last 4 to 5 years M$ have really been pushing C# more and more. Looking at VS 2015 you can clearly see that there are more creative option for C# then C++ and VB. I just think that learning C# will future proof my development career (but it might not) and it just means that I will know another development language.

    @cimperia My SQL skills are above average for sure, I really enjoy working with databases. I have gotten paid in the past by other developers for just designing a database to their specification, they then write their code to match the database. I've only developed on Oracle a couple of times, my database of choice is MySQL, if a client really wants MSSQL then they have to pay extra for the pleasure lol. Lately I've been developing a lot of MySQL databases and using www.mariadb.org for the connector. Actually I asked @DonManfred to create the MariaDB library on this forum, he is such a nice guy. Yes I previously jumped on the Xamarin website to see the price, if I were not already using B4A and B4J I would gladly pay. As I already use the best Android RAD software for Android, I don't really need Xamarin or any other package.
  14. cimperia

    cimperia Active Member Licensed User

    ^ From what you've written I would have thought that learning Java would be your top priority as it would be paying dividends at once. I am not suggesting that you use Android Studio to write you Android apps, but you could certainly use Java skills to port Java libraries to B4A yourself.

    Anyway good luck.
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  15. cimperia

    cimperia Active Member Licensed User

    I agree with your first point ;)

    About your second point, it's been a long debate that will end when both languages disappear. All I know is that there's nearly every 2nd year a new version of the language being released with a lots of enhancements. It may be true for VB.net, but as I am not a VB developer I would not know, nor would I dare compare both languages not knowing enough in-depth VB to pass judgement.
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  16. Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson Expert Licensed User

    Ask @DonManfred just how many times I've started to learn Java but not finished, I think that it's motivation when it comes to Java, plus I do not use Java in my day to day work, I do use JavaScript now again on websites though ;). I'm motivated to learn C# though as I can see me using that a lot to make me some money. I do want to learn Java though, it's just time and motivation. I know that If I get stuck with Java, there are plenty of great developers on here that will be willing to help me learn.

    All I know for sure is that C++ and C# process source code faster than VB, so that's once advantage, apart from that...
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  17. LucaMs

    LucaMs Expert Licensed User

    Well, I had given up informatics for many years. I believe what @Peter Simpson says, that MS has improved C# leaving VB aside (at that time, about 2001, MS also started to talk about F or something like it, I think).

    Clearly, if @Peter Simpson already know VB.Net, "switching" to C# will not be very complicated.
  18. LucaMs

    LucaMs Expert Licensed User

    Java is not "Android Studio" nor apps, as you know. I don't want to study other languages (otherwise I would study English :D) but knowing VB.Net, to really broaden (what "broaden" means, Google Translate? :p) my scope, I would prefer Java.

    But I don't need to learn other stuff: in fact, I'll win a few millions by lottery or I earn millions with a single app (or I'll wake up :D).

    [P.S. I forgot to write that C#, VB.Net and company, are MS attempts to chase the possibilities of Java. Note that for Android, Java was chosen]
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  19. cimperia

    cimperia Active Member Licensed User

    @Peter Simpson: I understand what you're saying - there has been languages than I tried to learn and never manage to master as of lack of motivation. A short correction, C++ is generally faster than C# but C# is not faster than VB.net as both languages get converted to the same byte codes and are interpreted.
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  20. Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson Expert Licensed User

    @LucaMs your English is very good, there's no need to learn more. You actually write better English than some people I know who live right here in England with me :)

    I completely agree, the problem is that M$ keeps bringing out new languages like F# and then with all the other languages they keep up updating something every 12 to 18 months. Learning all this stuff is extremely time consuming and trying to find the time to learn exactly what you need to learn is not easy. To tell you the truth I have no idea how the like of @Erel keeps up the what knew in the world of development and programming techniques.

    @cimperia From what I've read VB.Net is slightly slower than C# at converted, but only slightly. So which programming languages do you know @cimperia, either fully know or part know?

    I don't really find leaning new languages and techniques that easy, it takes a lot of effort for me to learn something, but once I learn it I'm okay. Some people on this forum take to learning new languages like a duck takes to water :), but sadly I'm not one of those people :(...
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