Android Example Image - Dithering 8 bit Grayscale images

This project demonstrates dithering of 8 bit grayscale images as explained at Methods included are the following:

Bayer 2 x 2
Bayer 4 x 4
Bayer 8 x 8
Clustered 4 x 4

Click on any one of the displayed images to change to the alternate image (alternates between eye.jpg and charlize.jpg - the latter being a well known actress). The new alternate image will be loaded into the left ImageView and it's (radio button selected) dithered image will be loaded into the right ImageView after conversion. Select a different radio button to view the dithered image of the selected method.

It is best viewed from a distance - it is basically a binarized image (only uses black and white) but will give the impression of multiple levels of gray being present in the dithered image when viewed from a distance. Some methods yield more "eye pleasing" results than others

Made use of Jpeg library by @agraham




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