Android Question Image list filled from web with custom panels and text on each item

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I am trying to create a scrolling image list, where the images come from Web (I specify the URL), but for each item, besides the image itself, I need several pieces of information, like title, 2 other texts with different fonts, on a semitransparent background plus a checkbox/star.

There will be about 100 items like this. The checkbox/star should be clickable by itself, the title too (going to a different event) and the image itself should also be clickable (going to another activity where it should be enlarged).

I would like to use something very standard, thinking of the upcoming B4i, as my app should be for iOS, too, in the future. Or at least B4AGallery or B4AGridview, which have the advantage of loading from web. But how do I put those clickable panels/labels/checkboxes on top of the image of each item?

Please see attached an example of a similar layout in Expedia's Android app, marked with red (#2).

Until now, I tried to code everything, using httputils for loading images, resizing images, placing in a scrollview etc... and it works, but the code became hard to maintain and is quite big. I feel I should not recreate the wheel of downloading, resizing images when so good image grids exist.

Please help.

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