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Hi All, I implemented an in-app subscription using BillingManager3 as described within this tutorial ( by @Erel.

The actual in-app subscription has an annual renewal but I need to switch to a monthly renewal and change the current price.

Which is the correct way to do this ?
Create a new in-app subscription within developer console (monthly renewal) and change the App code in order to handle the new in-app subscription ?

In this case what happen to the current active in-app products (subscriptions) ?

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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Check the note under Subscription pricing:
You cannot change the price. I guess that it is the same for the renewals.

You will need to create a new product for new customers.
Thanks @Erel for your reply. Now this point it's clear for me.
About "old" customers with the old subscriptions I have only one doubt that I explain belove:


sb001) Subscription with annual renewal with x price
sb002) Subscription with monthly renewal with y price

The actual app code, check if the "sb001" Subscription is payed using BillingManager3 APIs and if it not paid than raise the payment / subscription GUI.

The new app code, use the same check logic but it should check if the "sb002" Subscription is paid.

Within this scenario:

A) new customers install the app (3- NEW APP VERSION) for the first time and the users subscriptions point to the sb002 Subscription with the related renewals (this is OK).

B) The "old" Play Store users (that have the old app version installed that handle sb001 subscription) update the App to the new version and the app start check for the sb002 subscription (check to verify that subscription is paid).

This is my doubt: What happen at the "old" users that have an active (sb001) google play subscription ?
Actually I don't known how to handle this point correctly.

Thanks in advance for your reply.


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Based on my understanding you are supposed to keep the old plan for old customers and add the new plan for new customers.
You are right. But I not sure how to implement this. Implement two different subscription check flow ? One for to handle old plan for old customers and one to handle new plan for new customers?

But I thinking that this scenario could be more complex to manage. This mead two in-app subscription flows to handle within the same app. Is there any alternative solution ?