Android Question in-app vs. paid app, which way to go?


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First, I apologize in advance if this seems like a duplicate post. I originally posted this in Chit-Chat.

I have a few pending projects probably about 3 or 4. The problem I am having right now is finishing touches. Like how to add ads(finally got this one), device sizes(almost got it), and in-app purchases(really need help here). I'm not sure how to approach these and could use some advice from some that have already published.
For example, I have one in particular that's almost ready for release, but I want to make it where I can remove the ads, add new features(like backup, change themes). I don't know if I need to make a separate app or if I can use the same and just use in-app flags of sorts. I have never done such an app and need assistance. What are the benefits of in-app purchases that would unlock features vs. a separate paid app?