Wish In Paths Config, add support for optional extra Files folder


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This wish is clearly in the nice-to-have category, but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway.

I'm working on cross platform projects. Each project have their own Files folder, as we are used to. But some files are identical between the projects, and it sure would be nice to store them in a single place without having to copy them between the projects. (Which always triggers the "wait, did I update that file" reaction.)

So I propose that in Paths Configuration, we add an optional Files folder. We already have it for Libraries and Modules, so I think it makes sense to do it that way.


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1. Create a zip file with a folder named assets and put the shared files in that folder.
2. Rename the zip file to SharedFiles.aar and put it in the additional libraries folder.
3. Add this line to your projects:
#AdditionalJar: SharedFiles.aar

Note that it is not suitable for layout files (.bal).