Wish in-project notes


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Hi Erel....

It would be nice to have a kind of in-project notes...
I often find myself in one of these situations:
-scrolling my hole project to find "how in hell did I name that var?"
-what was the view that I used for getting the result
Or... Remembering how to fix an issue but was just out of time... And then forgot what the idea was...

With a small notes window (floating and/or dockable), one could do just that, note "not to forget" stuff


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My own solution is to add a 'WTD comment on the lines I need to come back to.
It stands for Work To Do ;), I then just search for each occurrence of WTD.


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I would add, and I've "wished" for this in the past, that the editor be allowed to open/edit text files. When I develop on a laptop, I can only fit B4A on the screen. When I write notes, documentation, etc., I need to open a text editor someplace to do it. It would be nice to edit these within the B4A IDE. I would think a simple way to keep these non-project files out of the build is to only compile and build *.b4a and *.bas files.

I can do this in Visual Studio and MPLAB (PIC microprocessor IDE).