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Hello, we have maked a app with inapp products, the way to buy is from me 1. register 2. buy 3. buy is saved over ouer server, but apple whrite this is possible witout a register, but Where is the buy saved...

the last message from apple:

Thanks for your time on the phone today.

As we discussed, your app has been rejected for the App Store Review Guideline detailed below.

Legal - 5.1.1

We noticed that your app requires users to register with personal information to access non account-based features, which is not allowed on the App Store.

Apps cannot require user registration prior to allowing access to app content and features that are not associated specifically to the user.

Next Steps

User registration that requires the sharing of personal information must be optional or tied to account-specific functionality.

Please modify your app to include an optional user registration feature to deliver subscription content to all of the user's iOS devices. Such user registration must be made optional, not required. We also recommend indicating that registering is required to access the subscription content from their other iOS devices - and providing a way to register later, if users wish to have access to this content at a future time.


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I also use both of them. What i did it, when the user clicks continue without registration for the first time, i make a random value between 1000000,9999999 and assign it to that device with keychain and register that deviceid as username in your server . So even user deletes the app, te deviceid will be stored in keychain .

So when the user clicks continue without registration : if there is a stored value , use that (login with deviceid as username) if not (if first click on coninue without reg ) assigna a deviceid. So you can accept the device id as username now, as the user loggedin with username: deviceid .

This way , you will be treating a non registered user as user and it wont make a conflict with your current user registration system. Also you will be complying with apple that users wont have to register.
How did you solve it ? we use Non-Renewing Subscription, and Non-Consumable Products
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