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You can control your incomes and expenses !!!

Save your income types and expense types.

Save your incomes and expenses

You can track your incomes and expenses by daily, monthly and yearly.

You can analyse incomes and expenses with graphics.

Export to excel file sd card root folder.

You can create login password. When you want to open application, you must enter login password.

No Ads. Don't need internet.


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you do not have any free versions ? How many $ do you expect to make in first 6 month
I have a expense app and I have 20 users within 6 month is free !
In finacial category when you got 2,3 install from one country ..bang you are on top rank 500
Earning trust with a financiall app that will keep track or user money is even harder ... you must find some path or motivation ... do advertising ....paid promotion.... fake reviews .... fake installs

You can not be into this world otherwise ... market dictates the trend sometimes you must do what everybody does Other member will shout at me with this statement ....
There is nothing to do with beeing original or beeing yourself it just makeing money is not an easy task