Android Question Industrial Communication in Android with B4A


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Hello everyone.

I'm more lost than an octopus in a garage.
I have to make an app on android for an automation system.

I use this screen, and I need to communicate with two arduino.
To communicate with the first, we will use ethernet.
But we do not know how to communicate with the second arduino.
This is the android screen.

These are the possibilities of the screen.
4x USB2.0 Host, USB OTG, 1x RS232, 1x RS485, I²C, SPI, UART

I would use I²C or 485, but I'm open to any alternative.
Internet is not possible.
Thank you all.


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I use bluetooth at 115,200 baud for automotive ECU interface. Works better than USB rs232 dongle on notebook. Wire connections can susceptible to noise from motor drive. Attention to electromagnetic compatibility is often necessary.
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