Android Example [Inline Java] Get The Method Name

Hi, there is attachment with example on how to get the method (b4a function - sub) name using Inline Java.
This can be useful in many cases, especially for error reporting - debugging, but there are ton of other use case scenarios :)
See it for your self


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Hi Erel,

I'm trying to interface with a 3rd party Android credit card app from B4A. It will start the app, but locks up. I suspect the 1st parameter to initiatePayment is wrong. It locks up when I call it with the B4A Activity.

Note that TransactionRequest is a structure which is created by another method in the same jar. It seems to work OK, so I'm assuming the problem is the 1st parameter.

public void Stage3(Activity BA) {

// create a currency object with specified locale

try {

String orderId = "456789";

PaylevenApi.initiatePayment(BA, orderId, request);

catch (NumberFormatException e) {
Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), "invalid_amount", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

Supplied documentation is as follows:

"Issues a TransactionRequest to the app. You need to override onActivityResult of your Activity to receive the response"
activity - the activity that will receive the result
orderId - a unique id that identifies the payment.