Android Question Input string was not in a correct format

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by Richard Goh, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. Richard Goh

    Richard Goh Active Member Licensed User

    I created a function in code module and taking values string. But when I trying to call the function by passing in string value I got this error message. This is the first time I received this error. I did that for many times in the programs. May I know what's wrong with the code? Any advice?

    Create function in a code mode lib
    Sub setValue(val1 As String, val2 As String)
    End Sub

    *Call the function in activity

    Type rec(val As String, val2 As String)
    Dim r As rec

    lib.setValue(r.val, r.val2)
  2. Richard Goh

    Richard Goh Active Member Licensed User

    Sorry my mistake. There was an extra semi-colon in the end of the code.
    Was used to code in other language syntax and conveniently added with line termination.:p
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