iOS Question Installing .ipa file from iTunes


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I have tried several times to get a production version going of my app with no success. These are the steps I am following (This is an app that uses Push Notifications):

1) I successfully compile a release version of my app with the developer certificates
2) I then replace the developer certificates with the production ones I created (Btw, my file is saved as aps.cer and not aps_distribution.cer. Is this correct)?
3) I recreate the Push Store key with the production certificates (This is not part of the instructions in the beginning of the tutorial but I'm assuming it is required
4) I create a new release version of the app and download the last build which saves the 'Archive' file under the Objects folder of my app
5) I unzip the Archive folder, plug my iPad into the computer, open I-Tunes, add my .ipa file to the Apps folder and then click Install
6) The app starts to install but then the icon never displays and when I click on the (blank) icon, it starts with the installation again but never completes

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is going wrong and how I can troubleshoot this?