Bug? Intellisense wrong for ScrollView (EDIT: but not really - sorry!)


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I've just noticed that the Intellisense for ScrollView wrongly says
Note that it is not possible to nest scrolling views. For example a multiline EditText cannot be located inside a ScrollView.

This code adds an EditText called edtContent to a ScrollView called svFling to add a 'fling' ability to the EditText. Call flingEnable after LoadLayout.
Sub flingEnable
    Dim width As Int = edtContent.Width
    Dim height As Int = edtContent.Height
    Dim left As Int = edtContent.Left
    Dim top As Int = edtContent.Top
    Activity.AddView(svFling, 0, 0, width, height)
    svFling.Left = left
    svFling.Top = top
    EdtContentFullHeight= svFling.Height
    Dim args(3) As Object
    args(0) = edtContent ' View
    args(1) = -1 ' int width : -1 = FILL_PARENT / MATCH_PARENT = as big as its parent
    args(2) = -2 ' int height : -2 = WRAP_CONTENT = large enough to fit its own content
    Dim types(3) As String
    types(0) = "android.view.View"
    types(1) = "java.lang.int"
    types(2) = "java.lang.int"
    Dim Obj1 As Reflector
    Obj1.Target = svFling
    Obj1.RunMethod4("addView", args, types) 'addView(View view, int width, int height)
    Obj1.RunMethod2("setFillViewport", "true", "java.lang.boolean")
End Sub
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