Share My Creation Invaders! (Space Invaders clone using LibGDX library)

Please download and try my latest game, a clone of Space invaders written using the libgdx library. It's not yet complete, there are a few missing features, such as a game over screen and the aliens just keep coming down without stopping. But I'm close to it being ready to put on the play store so wanted to give you all a quick sneak peek. I'm interested in how smooth it plays on different devices. games/SpaceInvaders-Test.apk


Known missing features:
game over screen
high score
music toggle
pause screen
flying saucer
particle effects for explosions
warp speed effect
background planets
Improved graphics
Improves Icon


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I can confirm that is scaling and working very well on galaxy note 2 . :)


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Great! I've been able to write this without using any scaling values. Just viewport size values and letting the LibGDX library do the scaling for all devices. I'm basing the viewport size on my Moto G phone which is a 720p device. So the graphics should scale well to all devices.


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Another small update:
Game over now works and returns you to the main menu
bases now disintegrate when aliens get too low (please test for performance)
slight change to some graphics (would welcome any help with this)
sound and music toggles now save settings to file
Levels get harder with aliens moving faster and dropping more bombs when less aliens left alive