Inventory Counter


Licensed User
This program allow the user to count inventory on a handheld. The items to be counted file can be received from and sent to a FTP server. The user can also enter barcodes for products that don't have them.

The user can manually enter the product codes to count, scan by barcode or they can look the code up. The user can list by product code, description, items not counted and items with no barcode.

The program has been tested on the desktop using a Symbol model ls4004-1000 scanner. The program was tested on a handheld, using a Intermec 751c. The Symbol scanner generates a carriage return automatically. The Intermec has an option in the scanner setup to generate a carriage return, via the postamble settings, these are \x0D , (case-sensitive), this will generate a carriage return after the data is scanned.

The FTP server used was FileZilla.

I have included the source file, sqlite data file and a pdf file that contains some of the barcodes for the products in the file. This will allow you test using a scanner.

You will need the FTP and Sqlite dll files to run the program

If you try it find anything wrong please let me know or if you have any question please ask.


And thank you Erel, for a great program. I have done more in shorter period time with you software than any others I have tried.