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Hi Guys

Earlier than expected, I've just published my second app on GPlay.


This app purpose is to, using an Android device to connect to an IOIO board, test its connection and test servos using a pre-loaded List (for now I have only one servo on the list).
This app purpose is to test servos, and establish their 0degree and ms/degree pulsewidth.
The servo arm can then be moved by one of the 5 fixed angle Buttons or by the use of the seekbar.
On the right side of the user interface, we have an auto-scrolling Log so that the user can know whats going on.

2015-01-23 21.31.08.png

Any comments about the interface are welcome
many thanks to @wonder for is icon... spot on!
The next version, witch should be ready in about a month, will have a credits page, in witch proper kudos will be given!

I started creating this out of need, since I never worked with servos before, and had to learn fast...
Hope you guys like this.

Tags: Electronics; IOIO; Servo control


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Thanks.. I will put a simple gráficos about wiring it.
never the less, this app has given me a drive to create something more complete...
for now, to test the servo, you only need connect the pwm in from the servo directly to the pin 40 of the IOIO board. 5V and gnd can be provided directly from the board. IOIO connection is well documented on its lib forum.
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