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It is possible to set the properties:
If App.OSVersion >= 11 Then
   Dim no As NativeObject = NavControl
   no.GetField("navigationBar").SetField("prefersLargeTitles", True)
   no.GetField("navigationBar").SetField("translucent", False)
   no = Page1
   no.GetField("navigationItem").SetField("largeTitleDisplayMode", 1) 'always
End If

However they doesn't seem to change anything. I need to further investigate it. You can try it.

It works properly now that the builders were updated to Xcode 9.
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David Meier

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It works perfectly!
I tried it with iphone x and iphon 8 both on the simulator.
I added two picutres before scrolling and after:

LargeTitles_big.png LargeTitles_small.png

I understand it did not work with your tests, but I can only state that with me it worked immediately, using local builder 4.41 and Simulator 10.
I am very happy this feature is working. It will make our b4i apps look state of the art, that's great!

Thank you very much Erel
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David Meier

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I need to relativise my above statement. It is working, yes, but not in all circumstances. I still have little experience and I lack the time to examine this feature in depth.

But to give an example I have troubles with the (important) searchview. I use Narek Adonts version. It is not working properly with large fonts on (using Erels code from above). The search field is moving out of screen when the large title is collapsed into the standard small title.

Generally it works fine, when using a plain page with neither tableView or listview. That's what is working with me.

I am happy to see other feedback to the topic of large titles as I think this feature will become rather important with iOS design.

kind regards
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