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I have completed an android app in B4A . Now i am trying to start the same app in ios. How to check stimulation in Windows?


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As far as I know you cannot directly. An option is to use a mac-os installation in a virtual machine (like oracle's virtualbox) in your Windows PC. The best you can do for windows for free and easily (and if you want to check a final release - NO DEBUGGING) is use site as seen in this thread:
This is limited though (when its free) to 100 minutes/month. For debugging you definitely have to have an iOS device (or manage to get the mac-os installed in a virtual machine) and have paid to apple the yearly subscription of 99$ in order to be able to create certificates and provision profiles.
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How to check stimulation in Windows?
<JOKE> This question has a voyeuristic feel about it... </JOKE> but I'll answer anyway:

By far the easiest way is to test it on an actual device, especially if it involves any use of sensors or external equipment eg Bluetooth devices.

Or you can now compile to simulator builds which you can upload and run on, per:
Simulator builds with the hosted builder (Tools - Build Server - Build Simulator Release App).
The simulator requires a Mac computer. With this improvement, developers using the hosted builder can make a simulator build, download it and then run it on an online service such as or on any accessible Mac.
Somebody also mentioned Amazon's Device Farm, but I can't find their post. There are other online services too eg: but naturally they also need to put food on their tables and it usually doesn't take long for the subscription fees overtake the cost of buying (or inheriting) a secondhand device.
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