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I have a couple of Android apps that have screen-filling photo wallpaper behind some views with a washed-out look so as not to detract from the functionality of the views in front.

In iOS an examination of the various screen sizes reveals that you can get away with only 3 images per orientation to achieve this. For example - in portrait:

480px high with 1:1.5 aspect ratio
736px high with 1:1.777 aspect ratio
1024px high with 1:1.333 aspect ration

Unfortunately the full pixel 'real-estate' area of the screen only becomes available if you suppress the status bar at the top and never use the navigation bar.... both practices which seem to be actively discouraged by the Apple guidelines. The additional problem with photo images is of course that any aspect ratio distortion by choosing 'FILL' is immediately obvious and looks daft.

Furthermore, the percentage of Y pixels stolen by the status bar and navigation bar at the top seem to vary between every different device making the task of preparing bespoke graphics very long winded.

Is the an easy way of managing this?..... or are we to be resigned to fabricating dull, grey, uninteresting apps that seem to conform nicely to Apple's way of doing things.
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