iOS Question iOS8 App rejected due to black screen - no launch image - yet...

Simon Smith

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I have included both in Special and in Files (read only) every single launch image correctly as you can imagine. I only use portrait in my app.

I've put every single iOS PDF in both folders that relate to both portait and landscape. This also causes a bug - here is Appple's rejection. I kindly ask for your help. I tried it on my iPad4 iOS8 and in debug mode it is black splash then screen, in release, black screen nothing - as they say.

  • 1.0 Binary Rejected
    June 2, 2015
    2.2 Details We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad running iOS 8.3 on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks. We

  • June 2, 2015 at 2:41 AM
    From Apple
    • 2.2 - Apps that exhibit bugs will be rejected
    2.2 Details

    We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad running iOS 8.3 on both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

    We found the app loads a blank black screen. A screenshot has been attached for your reference.

    The steps to reproduce are:

    1) start the app on a device
    2) the app loads a blank black screen

    Next Steps

    Please run your app on a device to identify the issue(s), then revise and resubmit your app for review.

    If we misunderstood the intended behavior of your app, please reply to this message in the Resolution Center to provide information on how these features were intended to work.

    For new apps, uninstall all previous versions of your app from a device, then install and follow the steps to reproduce the issue(s). For updates, install the new version as an update to the previous version, then follow the steps to reproduce the issue(s).

    If you have difficulty reproducing a reported issue, please try testing the workflow described in Technical Q&A QA1764: How to reproduce bugs reported against App Store submissions.

    If you have code-level questions after utilizing the above resources, you may wish to consult with Apple Developer Technical Support. When the DTS engineer follows up with you, please be ready to provide:

Simon Smith

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It does not fail to load the layout Erel. That earlier problem was sorted out. I told you I submitted with my black screen - AS IS YOUR PRODUCTION SAMPLE PROVEN. When we went back to barebones we discovered the core problem that is 100% REPRODUCIBLE IN YOUR PRODUCTION VERSION and I have not seen a launch screen in iOS8 ever on my iPad non retina, and I haven't tried the 4S but doubt it will work there. I did the skeleton barebone test for you and proved it. If something is wrong with my plist, it is not something I do, hacking into files and modifying zip file binaries saved as .dat files.
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Simon Smith

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1. Nobody said app rejection was due to launch images.
2. This thread is about a bug that you cannot have a launch image in iOS 8 on an iPad 4 non retina or in the other person's case 2 devices.
3. Default layout will load.

All that aside.

Erel, the question is - why black screen? Why no launch image IN YOUR APPSTORE APP? After 8 hours yesterday I got nowhere. I didn't touch any thing. Deleting the 2nd plist I shouldn't have to do - have no idea how it got there- I've just been using normal functionality plus it destroyed my app.

The only question is asking for an explanation of this video from an app downloaded off the app store. Why no launch? Simple.

I posted all code. I did as Erel asked. I made a skeleton application and did nothing to it. I posted points. Its all reproducible and out of our control.

Erel, this is your app. The only single problem in question is Why is there no splash screen capable in iOS8 on this and other devices using default skeleton instructions and proven here in production app?

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Simon, I'm trying to help. Please don't be rude. I will stop.

As I wrote 5 times in this thread your app was not rejected because of the launch images. Launch images feature is an optional feature. The IDE only adds the launch images that are required for your app to run in native mode (instead of compatibility mode).

If you want me to try to help you solve the layout issue and get your app approved then you should provide more information and as I asked before post the code in Application_Start.
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Simon Smith

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Dear Erel,

I respect you but I have sorted out the no layout showing in Release mode issue. The only issue (and perhaps the title should be changed) is that it would be good to have launch images. That's all. The second potential bug I was alluding to was that I expected my launch engine to start and set a timer for about a second and Apple said black screen forever. I won't do this again. I just want to know what file do I need to have a launch image. I have done the Application_OnStart for the skeleton application, and confirmed it an issue with the release version on the AppStore of the Coordinates. I can handle not having a timer wait for the LoadLayout if I use layouts. The benefit iOS has over Android is that it gives you a launch image which shows speed and I wanted to use this. This is the only thing I am asking. Why is it black in every release version in iOS 8 so far?
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Simon Smith

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As the issue in this thread has been resolved you should start a new thread for any other question.
Ok lets get technical.

I tried to help out the B4i community only to get shoved away for finding a bug. I'll just live with never having a launch screen on some iOS8.3 devices ever again, and I will write off the 8 hours I spent trying to fix the proven bug.

This post has not been resolved. This post uncovered 2 bugs. So, since we are on this post, let's prove this bug, then I don't care if it remains - and people get punished for trying to help the community.

As the issue in this thread has been resolved you should start a new thread for any other question.
is factually false. Here is why.

I was never rude, I tried to help the community. I have been programming and bugs can exist. If you ignore them or punish the reporter you're not helping anyone.

If you want forensic proof this is a bug, here it is.

I am going to show you a Release app made with a skeleton B4i that stays pitch black forever in release mode, signed - and did so on the app store.

Annexure 1 - Bug 1 - This thread

If you don't load a layout or do a setpage in the Application_Start - your black in Distribution Release forever on certain 8.3 devices, development or distribution it doesn't matter. THAT IS THIS BUG. I SET A TIMER TO DO AN ANIMATION OF THE LAUNCH IMAGE. Regardless of use, it should work, not do this...This is why the App was rejected....

I worked around it by just putting everything in Application_Start

Annexure 2 - Bug 2 - I am not making another thread when it is right in front of your eyes, related and in your AppStore App Proven here
======================================================================================= I'm wrong everyone. This video never happened.
Demonstrated right here in Erel's market App. No need for another thread. Nothing black here on launch, zilch.

If you want to ignore it and let every person never see a launch image again for your own code, then that's ok. I won't post another thread for your proven bug. I didn't see any black..everything normal. Yes this did not get rejected, neither will it if you load a layout but it is a bug obviously. Say no more. Helping others simply led me to get told to open another thread. Simply, no. Let's leave the bug and let everyone suffer.

It's sad that you have to make a negative thing out of helping out a community, it must be my fault. Erel I was programming Pocket PC's probably before you, but you are better, the problem is all me - and no one else experiences this but me especially in World Coordinates. i'm accepting the bug and just won't release any iOS8 apps as I have not been believed despite video evidence.

So if someone else wants to make a new title (altering the scope for something I developed a workaround for) for an obvious bug in the B4i Appstore APP Proven - they can, for now - I give up with my proof and will live with the black screen forever - and so will others because it is not respected trying to help.

Again, anyone notice a black launch screen?

Not my problem. I only advised.
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