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Discussion in 'iOS Questions' started by aarondc, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. aarondc

    aarondc Member Licensed User

    I have an iPad 2 that is allegedly compatible with iOS 8.2+. I tried updating it from 4.3.3 and after numerous iTunes timeouts, then failed attempts at doing restores with directly downloaded 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 5.x etc, resulting in different errors for each version (despite following all suggestions located on and I am cracking the sads and thinking I should just install a jailbreak version.

    Any suggestions (already considered the hammer solution, numerous times) on which jailbreak version to use / install, or advice on installing the legit version? Pretend I am a software developer with 20+ years experience programming in numerous languages from assembler to xslt and can understand tech stuff even if I cannot update my iPad sufficiently to use it as a test appliance for B4i.

    I would have bought B4i by now except I have nothing to run it on (not keen on emulators when I already own an expensive bit of kit) and that, in the end is the goal. Get my iPad into a state of usefulness to develop in B4i.

    Please note: I considered buying more hardware but dislike Apple's already ripped-off $149 (AU$) fee per annum for developers of iOS (more expensive than enterprise B4i!!!?), let alone the price I already paid for this iPad, so really not keen on going down that route, although a smaller device like an iPhone (second hand, hopefully) is on the cards.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  2. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    I'm not really experienced with jailbroken devices so can't help you here. The minimum version for B4i is 7.
  3. aarondc

    aarondc Member Licensed User

    Thank you Erel. I was catching up on forum posts and saw jailbreaking and certificate generation mentioned somewhere here and thought perhaps someone would have some suggestions. I'll ask elsewhere.

    Looking forward to getting it sorted and getting back into Android + iOS programming :D

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