Bug? Irritating corruption of Android P (Pie) on apk installation through B4A-Bridge (?)


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I have a weird, irritating problem that I've never encountered before, and it seems to be related to B4A Bridge compatibility with Android P (Pie). My target device is a Pixel XL. Here's what happens:

I turn on my Pixel XL and set up my connection with B4A-Bridge through the IDE. I compile my project and it initiates the download to my XL. I get the usual screen asking "Do you wish to install an update to this existing application?" and click on Install in the lower right corner. The Install button dims ... but then nothing happens. I'm expecting the next "Installing ..." screen to appear, but nothing.

If I then try to look at my phone's recent apps (Android square, bottom right of phone screen), I discover that the function is corrupted, not showing recent apps but instead cycling through past apps as I repeatedly push the square button. Really weird.

So then I restart my XL. I open my project app and find that it has installed OK. If I then reconnect B4A-Bridge and do another compile/install, things all work OK, with the "Installing" screen immediately appearing as it should after I click "Install" on the first screen.

I seem to have to go through this irritating process the first time I open B4A-Bridge, or if it's been opened earlier but not used for awhile. I'm sure I never had the problem before Android 9, though I haven't investigated yet with an older phone and version. Perhaps it isn't even a B4A-Bridge bug, but certainly something strange is going on. Has anyone else experienced this?