iOS Question Is Apple Development Account Become free for development time ?

Khairy Abdelhamid

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Dear All,

I develop a new app Android version until now, Now it urgent to develop the ios version. I search many times to find a solution to get a way to develop ios version and test it before paying again for Apple Development Account. I sold one (by $99) before two years ago, and sure it stopped.
I found news in many sites tell that "Apple Development Account" become free in development phase, Is that right ?
I contact apple assist and them reply to me by the following :
"In order to get the free program, you can do this by logging into
You can also view the different benefits included in the free program vs the paid program. To view this you can click the link below.
As I understand that, there is a free account valid as long as development time, and then pay to can upload the app into App Store, Is that right ?
If yes, please, how can i get that free account to complete my development based on B4i at least for development time
And later (after one costumer test it) I'll pay for development Account and also to upload the app to App Store
note: I use B4i on windows

Hope for your support and clearly,
Thanks on advance.
Best regards

Semen Matusovskiy

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Simply register Apple Id (it's free) and use automatic certificates in XCode. This allows to run a program on your iPhone, but you can't use App Store / TestFlight. There are some other restrictions (for a example, XCode certificate expires in some days).

Unf., current B4i release is not able to use certificates, created by XCode, and uses 'normal' certificates.
Probably, it's not so hard to understand, what exactly does XCode, but remains a question about author rights.

Anyway, you can debug a part of program in simulators. Theoretically, when you will need a camera, GPS and similar, you can compile as release and to run a program in XCode. Of course, it's not comfort and better to pay $99.
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The free certificate can only be used from Xcode.
It would be an enormous progress if B4I would support this.
You cannot do much with the free certificate any way. You will still need to purchase an account before you distribute your app to other users or to the app store and even if you want to build an app for yourself that isn't blocked after 7 days.
You can already develop with the simulator, without a developer account.
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Khairy Abdelhamid

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Deal All,
Really many thanks for all of your supports, Thanks for Eng. Erel, Alexander and Semen.
I'm not good familiar with B4i, How can I use simulator ?
And my app need to access Internet, and use GPS, and file access (on mobile), Are of the above valid with simulator ?
Thanks in advance
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