Is it possible?


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I need to show a form to ask the user for a password, but after method the program continue on the next line. How can I simulate a MODAL form? Its it possible? Like this:
'rem get password and set up a global var SUPER
do while GetPassword.IsRunning 
'ask var
if SUPER = true then 
   'do a lot of things
   ShowMessage("Password incorrect")
end if


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I was Planning on creating a "Password Input" Dll....

So I take this thread to ask,..
What features would be desirable, both visual and funcional?


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Hi cableguy,

do you want to create a password field or a password panel, or both?

Functional features could be:
- option to define minimum an maximum password length
- option to define the allowed input, e.g. only numbers, only lower/upper alphabetic chars, use of special chars like §, & or /, use of chars only from an arraylist
- option to define a mask, which describes on which position which character is allowed
- option to disable the hiding feature (showing the real password)

Visual feature:
- option to set the replacement char



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Some items in your wishlist are a bit to hard for me...
I was thinking on a panel with 2 inputs, a Name/Username and a Password

The first would be a normal textbox and the second a "character replaced" input...

I'm planning to offer the following poperties:

Name/Username label settable by the user...
Name/Username visible
Replacement character
Uncrypted password retrieval
Crypted( simple cryption ) password retrieval

Panel should of course also have 2 buttons, OK and Cancel for obvious reasons...

Tell me what you think...


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:signOops: My post was not really a wishlist. Just some thoughts of possible features.
Implementing all of them maybe something for a basic4ppc competition. ;)

I think your plans are a good start. The crypted password retrieval sounds very interesting!


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If you're doing a modal input form dll, could you consider having an option at enter user data in cleartext, but skip the password request? i.e. a simple question form

e.g. Popup modal form: "Enter your favourite fruit" ___________ OK/Cancel


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For starters im going to create just a PasswordTextBox control, then it will evolve to a grafic password panel....

I have to understand a few things first...