iOS Question iSpeechRecognition not supported?


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hi everyone, I'm trying to set iSpeechRecognition in a proper way to be reliable.
I've an iPhone 5 where it works, I've a iPhone XR where it works, BUT there is an user that reported the fact that the speechrecognition does not work.
By following his indications I found that on his phone crashes right after
the fact is that he has an iPhone 6s (newer than my iPhone 5)....

What could be the problem in this case? what can determine the "unsupport"?

Thanks in advance


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Did you ask his iOS version? Speechrecognition is supported I think from iOS 9. A google search will tell you more.

Sorry, my bad. I did not read the whole message.
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First of all, you need to ask user about ios release (should be 10+)
I know he already has the widgets, so it is at least iOS 14

First of all, you need to ask user about ios release (should be 10+) and about permissions. Probably he denied but you allowed to continue
I asked to him to uninstall and reinstall and be sure to allow everything.
He said that in app settings the recognition is enabled, but the microphone does not appear.

Tomorrow I will try to remotely take a look to his device (he is testing the app), meanwhile I made an API endpoint to save the LastExecption and take a look on what is happening...

and about permissions.
In theory he should has allowed everything :(

I tried Erel's sample on iPhone 6s Plus, IOS 14.6. Works as expected
I had no doubts, in fact my iPhone 5 run it no problem, so.... I really don't know.

I was trying to collect information about what cases can generate this problem, so I know what to expect.
Surely I will check the various permissions, but after that I've not other ideas.
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