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Discussion in 'iOS Libraries' started by JanPRO, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. JanPRO

    JanPRO Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Name: iSpriteKit

    Version: 1.0.2

    Description: iSpriteKit is a wrapper of Apple's SpriteKit Framework which allows you to create 2D games.

    Download "iSpriteKit 1.02.zip": http://bit.ly/2fuueNo

    Please report bugs and other things which bothers you (maybe method names, descriptions etc.) to improve this library :)
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  2. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    Wowwww thank you will try it out very soon :)
  3. tufanv

    tufanv Expert Licensed User

    You are awesome !!
  4. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

    Thank you!

    The library is online.
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  5. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    iSpriteKit is a huge addition to b4i.

    I tried your flappy clone example and it is working great.

    Thank you very much @JanPRO :)

    (if it is not to much work for you could you maybe put some comments in your flappy clone example?? And maybe use some audio files (background music + sounds)?? Thanks :))
  6. strat

    strat Active Member Licensed User

    On my Ipod Touch 5, this library didn't work. OS version is 8.4.1
    I opened and tested a new blank project, then, selected only iSprite from Libraries without adding any iSprite component into the Globals., app stopped working.
  7. Hypnos

    Hypnos Active Member Licensed User

    Thanks for your great work JanPRO!

    I tried your example on iPhone 6 and iPad3, it's working on iPhone but can't start on iPad 3, do you know the reason?
  8. JanPRO

    JanPRO Well-Known Member Licensed User

    thank you for the feedback :)

    In the next days I am going to improve the examples.

    @strat & @Hypnos
    The library uses features that are only supported by iOS 9+.
    Hypnos, please check the iOS version on your iPad.

    I recommend everbody to add the following line to the project:
    #MinVersion: 9.0
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  9. John Sturt

    John Sturt Active Member Licensed User

    Hi Could this library be made to work with Voice Over enabled?
  10. JanPRO

    JanPRO Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I see the problem. I will check that ...

  11. MallyUK

    MallyUK Member Licensed User

    Are constraints working in this version? I've been trying to set a DistanceToPoint constraint (for a virtual joystick) but can't seem to get it to work.
  12. JanPRO

    JanPRO Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Can you post your code?
  13. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    hi @JanPRO

    can you please explain how to get the parameters from an UITouch? like position (x,y)

    in Sub GameScene_ToucheBegan (aTouch As Touch)

    thanx :)
  14. JanPRO

    JanPRO Well-Known Member Licensed User

    you can use the LocationInNode method of Touch.
    Note: the whole GameScene is a SKNode.

    Sub GameScene_ToucheBegan (aTouch As Touch)
    Dim X As Float = aTouch.LocationInNode(GameScene).X
    Dim Y As Float = aTouch.LocationInNode(GameScene).Y
    End Sub
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  15. MallyUK

    MallyUK Member Licensed User

    I've tried loads of different ways to set a constraint, this is my last attempt.. but I still get an "Object was not initialized (NSArray)" error. I've tried using an array (as the apple docs suggest), a list, and like this.. where am I going wrong? :(

    'Code module
    #Region  Project Attributes
    #ApplicationLabel: B4i Joystick
    #Version: 1.0.0
    'Orientation possible values: Portrait, LandscapeLeft, LandscapeRight and PortraitUpsideDown
        #iPhoneOrientations: Portrait
    #iPadOrientations: Portrait
    #Target: iPhone
    #MinVersion: 9
    #PlistExtra: <key>UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance</key><false/>
    #End Region

    Sub Process_Globals
    'These global variables will be declared once when the application starts.
        'Public variables can be accessed from all modules.
        Public App As Application
    Public NavControl As NavigationController
    Private Page1 As Page

    Private GameSize As Size
    Private GameView As SKView
    Private GameScene As SKScene
    Private sprNub As SKSpriteNode
    Private sprNubConstraint As SKConstraint
    Private newRange As SKRange
    Private nubX, nubY As Float
    End Sub

    Private Sub Application_Start (Nav As NavigationController)
        NavControl = Nav
        Nav.NavigationBarVisible = 

    'hide status bar
        Dim no As NativeObject = App
    End Sub

    Private Sub Page1_Resize(Width As Int, Height As Int)
    End Sub

    Private Sub SetUpScene(aSize As Size) As SKScene

        GameScene.ScaleMode = GameScene.SKSceneScaleModeAspectFill
    Dim sprNubTex As SKTexture

        nubX = 
        nubY = 


        sprNubConstraint.DistanceToPointInNode(newRange,CreatePoint(nubX,nubY), GameScene)


    End Sub

    Sub GameScene_ToucheBegan (aTouch As Touch)

    End Sub

    Sub GameScene_ToucheMoved (aTouch As Touch)
    Dim TouchLocation As Point = aTouch.LocationInNode(GameScene)
        sprNub.Position = TouchLocation
    End Sub

    Sub GameScene_ToucheEnded (aTouch As Touch)
    Dim ska As SKAction
    End Sub

    Sub sprNub_TouchBegan (aTouch As Touch)

    End Sub

    Private Sub Application_Background

    End Sub

    Sub CreateRange(variancex As Float) As SKRange
    Dim aRange As SKRange
    Return aRange
    End Sub

    Sub CreatePoint(X As Float, Y As Float) As Point
    Dim aPoint As Point
    Return aPoint
    End Sub

    Sub CreateVector(Dx As Float,Dy As Float) As Vector
    Dim aVector As Vector
    Return aVector
    End Sub

    Sub CreateSize(Width As Float, Height As Float) As Size
    Dim aSize As Size
    Return aSize
    End Sub
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  16. JanPRO

    JanPRO Well-Known Member Licensed User

    change this line
    sprNub.Constraints = Array(sprNubConstraint)
  17. MallyUK

    MallyUK Member Licensed User

    Eureka! So near and yet so far :) Thank you JanPRO for you assistance, and for this brilliant library!
  18. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    hallo @JanPRO is it still a beta version? have u already updated the examples ? (sound,...)

    thanx :)
  19. JanPRO

    JanPRO Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Yes, it's still a beta, but you can submit an app with iSpriteKit without any problems.
    Currently my free time is very limited, but I know I have promised you to update the examples. I will try to do it this week :)

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  20. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    Hi @JanPRO
    Sorry to ask again but could you find some time to update your examples? (Sound, comments)?

    Are you going to release a finished version of your lib or will it stay a beta?

    I really want to learn spritekit and make some great ios games but it is very difficult for me to understand your examples.

    Thank you , ilan :)
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