Android Question It's possible convert a portion of C# or Java code... to B4a?


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We already have a X10 home automation server in C# that run on Windows as Service. But we want to redesign all for Android (b4a) as an "Android X10 server". Our app (C#) is simple, its like a listener, just the CM15Pro module send an receive commands (on/off/dimm) through usb or serial port.

Maybe someone can help us to rewrite it to B4a? obviously we can pay for help

For example this is a X10 Java example that can control CM15Pro...

This is the Java X10 project page:


Any way to use this project on B4a as library?

Thanks for advise and excuse y english
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And, the slightly longer version: It can be done, but it will have to be completely rewritten. Much of the logic can probably be salvaged, but put into new code.
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