iOS Question iTunes Connect Uploader - Missing build?

Grant Fullen

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I was able to have it say it successfully upload my app to iTunes connect. However, the build isn't showing. I tried to do another submit without changing anything and it's saying there's already a binary. What am I missing?

Edit: I've seen it mentioned that the build can take some time to show up. Is this the case even if I haven't tried submitting the app for review yet?

Edit2: Yes it takes a little time to just submit the binary. However, keep your eyes peeled in your email for your apple developer account. If your binary isn't showing up reasonably fast, they probably emailed you with the issue like they did me.
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Yes - that's correct. If there's an issue, you'll get an email telling you about it, otherwise you'll see the binary there but it will be "processing" until it's ready to be added to your submission. Once it's finished processing, you'll get an email advising you.

- Colin.
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