Android Tutorial Jar of Beans - new FAST android-emulator

Just wanted to share the news about a new (in development) android-emulator called Jar of Beans.

You can find it over at XDA here:

Jar of Beans - Android Emulator Portable - Beta3 + PLAY STORE - xda-developers

I have been trying it today in the office and it is really fast, especially on my Intel-based CPU since it supports hardware-acceleration. I still have to try it at home where I have an AMD-cpu but according to reports it is even on AMD superior than the official Android-emulator and BlueStack. In addition no installation is required.

I have tested some of my apps on it and it is lightening fast. Try it.


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Thanks for the link.

It seems promissing, but how did you get B4A connect to the machine ?

I tried to start the Google Playstore to download the Basic4Android bridge; but the playstore seems to hang.

Or did you use ADB ? I can't seem to succeed in connecting using this method.



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I did not test installing b4a-bridge. I just used the emulator by loading my apks to see how they were running in different screen-resolutions. I did test Google Play and it worked and I was able to download apps.

I think that the new beta4 which was published earlier today also supports portrait-mode.

I did a test at home on my AMD based PC and unfortunately the emulator was very slow compared to my Intel based PC in the office with hardware acceleration. In the office, it is running like a Ferrari :)

In either case, the emulator is still in development and the developer is adding lots of things on a daily basis. So far it looks very promising.
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I cannot get it to install an app. Using Install APK, I get the following result in the DOS window.

C:\Android\JaroBeans\adb>adb install temp.apk | clip
'clip' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

C:\Android\JaroBeans\adb>"C:\Android\JaroBeans\jar of beans.exe" apk_end

C:\Android\JaroBeans\adb>del "C:\Android\JaroBeans\adb\temp.apk"
Could Not Find C:\Android\JaroBeans\adb\temp.apk

Does look promising however..


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C:\Android\JaroBeans\adb>adb install datepicker.apk
54 KB/s (0 bytes in 151276.002s)
pkg: /data/local/tmp/datepicker.apk

Used command line to install...

Works fine.

Runs slow on my laptop: Compaq nx7400 Centrino dual core.
I shall try at home on my desktop.



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but how did you get B4A connect to the machine ?

B4A showed the emulated device on compile and installed to it with no problem.