Android Question java.lang.IndexOutofBoundsException: index xy


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I encounter often a strange effect: In Debug Rapid compilation mode, I sometimes get this error when calling for example a click event of a button. In Debug Legacy mode, the error does not come up.
Is this because there is something like a stack of functions called that is not cleared ? How to "refresh" this ?
Example: I have a button to activate the camera:
end sub

In the picturetaken sub, the camera1 preview is stopped.

Any ideas about this error message ? (not only in this example but in other programs also with other sub calls .... causing the application to stop immediately)

Thank you, Chris


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Please post the full error message when you encounter this error again?

Which version of B4A are you using?

I changed from 3.8 version to 4
According to Murphy's Law, I could not reproduce the error right away, if it comes again, I will post it. Sorry for bothering you with this.
Thanks for your help,

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