B4J Library jCoverFlow library v1.70

Hi guys, I am pleased to introduce JCoverflow 1.6 for B4J.

In to the zip is included the library and a demo.

Just follow the Demo.

Any comment or any suggestion will be appreciated.

Version: 1.6
  • JCoverFlow
    • OnLoadComplete (Value As Boolean, Length As Object)
    • OnLoadStart (Value As Boolean, Items As Object)
    • OnLoadFailed (Value As Object)
    • Initialize (EventName As String)
      Initialize CoverFlow
    • IsInitialized As Boolean
    • PopulateCoverFlow (message As String)
      Populate CoverFlow with Images
    • Resample
      Reprocess the CoverFlow
    • Reset
      Reset CoverFlow
    • SetCacheFolder (dir As String, cache As String)
      Set your own Cache folder
      CoverFlow.SetCacheFolder("C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\Pictures","/JCoverFlow/data/cache/thumb")
    • Show
      Show CoverFlow
    • Snapshot As ImageWrapper
    • BackGroundStyle As String [write only]
      Set BackGround Style
      jCoverFlow.BackGroundStyle = "-fx-background-color: linear-gradient(to bottom, black 60%, #141414 60.1%, black 100%);"
    • BorderColor As String [write only]
      Set Border Color
    • BorderInsets As Double [write only]
      Set Border Insets
    • BorderRadius As Double [write only]
      Set Border Radius
    • BorderVisible As Boolean
      Get or Sets Border Visible
    • BorderWidth As Double [write only]
      Set Border Width
    • Enabled As Boolean
    • Height As Double
      Get or Sets CoverFlow Height
    • Id As String
    • ItemsSize As Double [write only]
      Sets Items Width and Height
    • Left As Double
    • Length As Int [read only]
      Return Items lenght
    • MouseCursor As Cursor
    • ScrollBarSize As Double [write only]
      Set ScrollBar size
    • ScrollBarStyle As String [write only]
      Set ScrollBar Style
      jCoverFlow.ScrollBarStyle = "-fx-base: #202020; -fx-background: #202020;"
    • ScrollBarVisible As Boolean
      Get or Sets ScrollBar Visible
    • ScrollMode As Int [write only]
      Set Scroll Mode. It's already set in the normal mode.
      1 = Normal
      2 = Inverse
    • Spacing As Double [write only]
      Set Spacing between the items
    • Style As String
    • StyleClasses As List [read only]
    • Tag As Object
    • TextVisible As Boolean
      Get or Sets ScrollBar Visible
    • Top As Double
    • Version As String [read only]
      Return Author and Version of this library
    • Visible As Boolean
    • Width As Double
      Get or Sets CoverFlow Width


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  • jCoverFlow v1.3 Lib.zip
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  • jCoverFlow v1.4.zip
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  • jCoverFlow v1.60.zip
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  • JCoverFlow_v1.70.zip
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Ciao Mago, finalmente un italiano, comunque grazie a te per i complimenti.

Ti auguro un buon natale e un felive anno nuovo:

Hi , Mago finally an italian, anyway thanks to u for the compliments.

I wish u Merry Christmas and happy new year.

A dimenticavo gli item li puoi muovere con la scrollBar con il mouse cliccando su gli item ad anche con le frecce destra e sinistra dal tastierino.

I forgot to tell everyone the items you can move with the scrollBar, with the mouse by clicking on items, and the arrows right and left on the keyboard.


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Hi Giuseppe Salvi,
I've test your app,It's shown "Not Responding" ,after I select the forder for input pictures.(at Menu Populate)

I wish u Merry Christmas and happy new year.


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Hi lonleystar

I wish to load images programmatically instead using jCowerFlow.PopulateCowerFlow(.....). I wish to load every time the same Images without appearing dialog for selection. Is it possible by your library?

By the way great work :)


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Hi guys, here is the v1.1 of CoverFlow

New in this version:

Now when you select a image folder for the first time, the CoverFlow will create a cache, so when you reselect the same folder it´ll be fast to import the images from folder.

It's identical to the CoverFlow of B4A.

It's now very fast


Resample instead of ResampleCoverFlow
Reset instead of ResetCoverFlow

I added 5 commands:

CoverFlow.ItemsSize = 600 - set the size of items

CoverFlow.Spacing = 100 - set the space between items

CoverFlow.ScrollMode = CoverFlow.SCROLL_NORMAL - set default scroll mode

CoverFlow.ScrollMode = CoverFlow.SCROLL_INVERSE - set inverse scroll mode

CoverFlow_OnLoadStart(Value As Boolean, Items As Object)

CoverFlow_OnLoadComplete(Value As Object)

Anyway take a look at the new demo.


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For the project that I am doing, the app would need to find a default location within the MyDocuments folder and I would need to set that within the code itself. Will there be a way to set up a default folder option in a future version?

Nice job by the way. It works flawlessly otherwise.