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Having exposed the Message Boxes and Controls from the JFXtras library I thought that I would look at the JFXtras Gauges. If you have not already found it from my jFXrasControls thread I suggest you download the JFXtras demonstration to see what is contained in the JFXtras library. It is available from

If you don't already have it release 5 of jfxtras can be downloaded from

This demo shows the set of the gauges in JFXtras that I am thinking of exposing to B4J. Most of the gauges in this jFXtrasGauges library need a lot more work to make them usable but a few are usable as they stand. As you can see from running Ensemble.jar there a a lot of styling options for the gauges, much more than for the controls. This means there is a lot more work to do to implement them in a B4J library, especially all the options for the Radials, so it will be a while before this new library is complete.

To get a flavour of the diversity possible with the Radials see this web page. I don't promise to be able to expose all those options!

There are three Forms in the demo and on each Form the button at the lower right will activate at least some of the gauges on that Form.

If you have a particular use for any of the gauges then post here and I will consider implementing them first.


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Cannot find: C:\Program Files (x86)\Anywhere Software\B4J\libraries\jfxtras-labs-2.2-r5.jar