B4J Library jGetTime

This is a B4J library which can be used to get
current time of day,
calculated days
forwards, backwards,
sideways(just kidding)
current day by number of days in the year
current month number
current year number
also date string example 13/02-2014 Thursday 10:19:55,701

There are bugs still to be worked out.

Any suggestions just let me know. Thanks:)

(This library is a GNU License the author is Jacob Dreyer)


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DateUtils + DateTime does allot of these features, The main reason I use it is because of the Leap Year check and add/subtract random number of min/hours/days/months ability that produces a string Date. Since you say the GNU license is more restricted do you recommend I remove this from the forum?



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DateUtils supports both of these features. Check DateUtils.AddPeriod and DateUtils.NumberOfDaysInMonth.

Sub IsLeapYear(year As Int) As Boolean
Return DateUtils.NumberOfDaysInMonth(2, year) = 29
End Sub

It is fine to put it in the forum. You should however include the source code and any developer using this library will also need to open source his project.