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  1. giga

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    I am submitting a new library that encompasses several tools that I hope will be useful for everyone.


    This library consists of the following.
    *benefit of this library* (Does not open DOS Shell /runs hidden)

    DNSLookup (results to a file)
    GetServerName (returns local computer name)
    NSLookup (returns the registered name servers)
    Ping Command (ping stats results to a file)
    TCP Port Tester ( checks an individual port local or remote )

    The usage of this library is fairly simple. However for both DNSLookup and Ping the results are sent directly to a file called
    respectively and retrieve through the textreader.

    Examples are explained/provided in the library comments.

    Simply extract the .jar and .xml to your additional libraries.

    Feedback always welcome

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  2. swissmade

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    Useful Thanks
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