Job for LIVE video stream broadcast library from B4A


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I'd like to post this as a job offer!

I am in a real need for a library to broadcast a live video stream from the Android device camera, so that it is viewable remotely. This is rather different than sending camera frames, since this is already achieved, but what this project is about is actually broadcasting a real video stream without any external connection (as in live tv), so that anyone could watch the steam.

Anyone that may help with this project is kindly invited as a job offer!

Thank you!


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If it is not a direct "peer to peer" connection, then you need a server too in the middle such as Wowza or similar. For broadcasting, you can use a library such as this one which I wrapped about 20 months ago and it works well. I will soon be wrapping the latest version since many improvements have been made.

If you need a pure "peer to peer" connection i.e. without a server, it should be possible with the latest version of ffmpeg where you can use the Android camera as a source. I have just compiled the latest version and wrapped it so I am going to test it in the next days. Just need to experiment first with the protocols (such as UDP or TCP) and which technique to use for broadcasting and see if transcoding is necessary or not.

If you are interested, you can contact me by PM.
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