B4J Question jPOI - towards automated Excel marking


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Hi there

I'd like to find out if its possible to do the following with the jPoi library as I am interested in working up a solution for automated marking. Here are the questions..

Q1. Detect if a cell range is merged e.g. A1:F1
Q2. Detect font for a range (name, size, color)
Q3. Detect border for a range (color, style and outline)
Q4. Detect text rotation for a range (%)
Q6. Detect background color for a range

Can someone please advise? Thanks a lot, that's it so far...

As an example.. 1 would

1. Select the file to process
2. Select the worksheet to process/indicate the worksheet to process
3. From pre-determined conditions like above and also formulars etc, check cell values and indicate a score accordingly.


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Thanks @Erel , so far so good.

1. Whilst we are able to set the font, we dont have a get font to read font properties for a cell.
2. I need to read a cell background / fill.
3. I also need to read a border color
4. I also need to read a cellrow data format, e.g. $0.00

I see my success in this little project eminent if only for these 4 mentioned issues I can do, can you please advise?

Thanks a lot.
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