Share My Creation JRDC2 Interface - Remote Server Manager

Hello everyone :)

*Thank you Erel for making this possible for us :)

while we are working on the Skype & Twitch alternative project we had to modify the features of the JRDC2 a lot of times.
and each time we did that we had to open the server, run CMD read the logs file, test the connections and the timeouts, and sometimes the JRDC2 was not running and we hadto keep checking it, so we did this :)


You can do the following :
Control the server & the JRDC2 remotely :

1- Stop JRDC2
2- Pause it (no more in/out until it was un-paused)
3- Restart JRDC2
4- Make it run at start up of the server (sometimes we restarted the server so we had to log in using ssh, then open the anydesk then run the service which can take a lot of time)
5- Restart the Server (windows server)
6- Block/unblock an ip that tries to connect
7- you can take screenshots of the server (Remotely)
8- you can view real-time logs
9- check if the server is running (automatic checkup every 5 minutes)
10- how long has the server been running
11- how many requests so far
12- Multiple JRDC2 Connections (more than 1 JRDC2 Server)

*A very important feature that it's a remote connection meaning you don't have to install the JRDC2Interface on the server, just install it on your pc and put the JRDC2 link and that's it :)

We had a problem and we created a solution, and am 100% sure a lot of developers have the same issues.
We would like to announce it as a donation ware meaning just donate what ever you would like and we will send you the Modified version of the JRDC2 and other source code of the JRDC2Interface.

The project is now for free :)

Download the source code from the below (Copy & Paste the URL in your browser) :

Server Snapshot Feature (inspired by The Teamviewer alternative project :) )

If you have any features you want to be added please post them here :
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