B4J Library jRLDialogsX - Dialogs Library

jRLDialogsX is an open source B4J Dialogs Library providing a comprehensive set of Dialogs.
The library is coded as a B4J Class with Inline Java, no additional libraries or wrappers required.
Note: Requirements minimum B4J v5.80 and Java JDK v8 (8u40+).

Version: 1.87
Download (GitHub) the B4J library, source code, examples and PDF documentation.

How to Use
  • Copy jrldialogsx.jar, jrldialogsxfiles.jar and xml to the B4J additional library folder.
  • In the B4J project, select jrldialogsx from the B4J IDE Libs tab.
  • See folder Examples - the fullexample is a must read, get started with the InformationDialog.
Version Control
20190407 (v1.87)NEW: SimpleFormDialog - DatePicker via option "D";NEW: YesNoCancel dialog - if Cancel text is empty, the cancel button is not created;NEW: ListDialog, ListDialog2 - if DefaultItem = -1 then no item selected;UPD: Documentation & Examples;NEW: Published on GitHub
20180326 (v1.86)NEW: ListFindDialog Set or get content of textfield FindItem
20180312 (v1.85)NEW: DidYouKnow2 dialog with prev / next tip buttons; NEW: ExtendedDialog Show or hide the less details hyperlink button; UPD: ListFindDialog search field across dialog window, moved buttons OK & cancel down; UPD: Documentation & Examples. See Post #73
20171025 (v1.80)NEW: jRLDialogsXFiles.jar holding additional files from the library Files folder. This file must be located in the B4J Additional Libraries folder.; NEW: ListFindDialog with a find item option - first non Inline Java Dialog (requires jRLDialogsXFiles.jar); UPD: Icons (for dialogs DidYouKnow and LoginDialog2) are included in jRLDialogsXFiles.jar; UPD: LoginDialog and Login2Dialog2 with textfield horizontal grow option; UPD: Documentation & Examples. See Post #60
20170906 (v1.77)UPD: SimpleformDialog set request focus on first field; UPD: Minor changes
20170822 (v1.76)NEW: Library renamed from jRLDialogs8 to jRLDialogsX; UPD: Minor changes
20170802 (v1.75)NEW: PDF Documentation
20170711 (v1.74)NEW: SimpleFormDialog ComboBox Field with field value comma separated string, SimpleFormDialog Property ComboBox editable; UPD: Examples. See Post #60
20170703 (v1.72)NEW:ToastMessageAlert Information,Warning,Error; MessageHTMLDialog3 with OK/Cancel, MessageHTML show/hide details button; UPD: Examples. See Post #58
20170626 (v1.68)NEW:MessageDialog set wrap;SimpleFormDialog set inputfield width;MessageHTMLDialog2;Overview;UPD:Examples. See Post #56
20170620 (v1.65)NEW:Localization Show Details Hyperlink Button for Dialogs Extended, Message, MessageHTML; NEW: Extended Dialog option Message & MessageHTML Dialogs;UPD: Examples. See Post #55
20170612 (v1.62)NEW:SliderDialog; NEW:SimpleFormDialog CheckBox Field; NEW: Extended Dialog option show content expanded; NEW: DoNotAskAgainDialog; UPD: Fields padding removed; UPD: Examples. See Post #53.
20170601 (v1.59)NEW:SimpleFormDialog TextArea Field, option to split form fields; FIX: ConfirmDialog; UPD: Examples. See Post #50.
20170531 (v1.58)NEW:ToastMessage set background and border line color; UPD: Examples. See Post #49.
20170530 (v1.57)NEW:ColorNameDialog and ColorPickerDialog to get Color as Paint; NEW:ToastMessage set font size and border width; UPD:Toastmessage using default colors; UPD:Examples. See Post #47.
20170528 (v1.56)NEW:SimpleFormDialog (create n label:field pairs; field=Text or Password or Numeric); MultiInputFieldDialog (create n label:textfield pairs); IntegerInputDialog; Full Example reworked. See Post #46.
20170525 (v1.53)NEW:TimePicker (24h), TimePicker (12h), TextInputDialog4 (with option to set the width of the textfield, no label used); More examples. See Post #44.
20170522 (v1.50)NEW:String localisation Username Label/Prompt, Password Label/Prompt, OK/Cancel Button, YES/NO Button, Login Button, Select Button. See Post #42.
20160801 (v1.47)UPD:Set default selected item for ChoiceDialog, SelectDialog, ListDialog, and ListDialog2; Example 1 converted to B4J Visual Designer.
20160411 (v1.46)UPD:MessageHTMLDialog handles anchors if defined like href="#myanchor" ... name="myanchor" ...
20151011 (v1.45)UPD:Textfield gets initial focus when openeing dialog TextInputDialog, TextInputDialog2, TextInputDialog3, LoginDialog, LoginDialog2, TextAreaDialog
20150910 (v1.4)NEW:SetParentWindow; FIX: ToastMessage center screen
20150828 (v1.3)NEW:ToastMessage
20150604 (v1.2)NEW:TextAreaDialog
20150617 (v1.11)UPD:TextInputDialog3 added hint for checking null
20150512 (v1.1)NEW:TextInputDialog3
20150406 (v1.0)NEW:SpinnerIntegerDialog, SpinnerDoubleDialog, SpinnerListDialog
20150405 (v0.9)NEW:TextInputDialog2, DatePickerDialog
20150404 (v0.8)NEW:SelectDialog; FIX: ListDialog, ListDialog2 removed expand option
20150403 (v0.7)NEW:ListDialog, ListDialog2
20150402 (v0.6)NEW:LoginDialog2, DidYouKnowDialog, ExceptionDialog, Message, MessageHTMLDialog
20150401 (v0.5)NEW:ExtendedDialog, LoginDialog
20150331 (v0.4)NEW:YesNoCancelDialog
20150330 (v0.1)NEW:First Version

Simple Example Information Dialog with localized OK Button Text
Sub Process_Globals
  'Define the dialog using jrldialogsX
  Private Dlg As DialogsX
End Sub
Sub AppStart (Form1 As Form, Args() As String)
  'Init the dialog
  'Localize (optional)
  Dlg.OKButtonText = "Thank You"
  'Use the dialog to show Information Dialog
  Dlg.InformationDialog("About", "jRLDialogX Information Dialog Example", "Hello World")
End Sub
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Hi rwblinn
How I change the icon present on dialog form?
The icon is different, it's not the same as I chose from the designer.


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Hi rwblinn
How I change the icon present on dialog form?
The icon is different, it's not the same as I chose from the designer.
The library makes use of the standard JavaFX Dialogs.
To change the icon, inline Java needs to be changed - which is quite a task for all the dialogs.
In the source code, see method
public static Map.MyMap LoginDialog2
for an example.

Please note, as mentioned in post #79, I am not maintaining this library anymore.

Recommendation: Instead this library, use dialogs from the standard XUI library or develop own dialogs class(es) derived from the standard libraries.


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Update v1.87 (see Post #1)

  • NEW: SimpleFormDialog - DatePicker via option "D"
  • NEW: YesNoCancel dialog - if Cancel text is empty, the cancel button is not created
  • NEW: ListDialog, ListDialog2 - if DefaultItem = -1 then no item selected
  • NEW: ListFindDialog Set or get content of textfield FindItem
  • UPD: Documentation & Examples
  • NEW: Published on GitHub
Although had stopped developing this library further, decided to make few changes and publish on GitHub.
Again, source code of the library is included, feel free to amend further BUT consider to make use of the newest [B4X] XUI libraries (Views, Dialogs).
This library is developed using B4J v731 with JDK 1.8.0_202


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is it possible to set text font, alignment, size properties displayed via Dlg.MessageDialog()? tia
This is not possible. Consider using the MessageHTMLDialog or create your own using B4XDialogs from the XUI Views Library.
MessageHTMLDialog(Title As String, Content As String)
Title - string to show in the title bar. Content - string with HTML formatted content in an expanded web view.
Example Code Snippet
Private Dlg As DialogsX

Dlg.OKButtonText = "Close"
Dlg.MessageHTMLDialogShowLessDetailsText = "Show Less..."
Dlg.MessageHTMLDialogShowMoreDetailsText = "Show More..."
Dlg.MessageHTMLDialogDialogExpanded = True
Dim msg As String = "<html><h1>Test Message</h1><hr><p>This is the content. Select OK or cancel to proceed.</p></html>"
Dlg.MessageHTMLDialog("jRLDialogsX Library MessageHTMLDialog example", msg)
nice library
Thanks, Appreciated.
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