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HI All
How i get a list of images from a list of "json string "
i want to get all new images and save it in internal Dir

        Dimm bytesList As List
        Dim count As Int = root.Get("count")
        Dim items As List = root.Get("items")
        For Each colitems As Map In items
            Dim img As String = colitems.Get("img")
            ' I want here to save the image one-by-one '



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thanks for reply ,Sorry for not enough information
ok my case in details
i have
this end point
return json string
contains a list of images
i want to save this list of images on my device
i can read the json ,as i mention before
i have images as json string ,how i convert it to images and save locally

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Andrew (Digitwell)

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Normally the image is encoded in Base64.

I tested the first string using this website.

The image was converted successfully.

Now all you need to do is follow one of the many BASE64 conversion threads on the forum.

such as this one.

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