? Just a quick question, ****.exe.config


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My Deal Or No Deal clone App doesn't use 'any' .DLL's.

So why do I need the ****.exe.config for it to work on the device.

Or does this fall into the same question as to why other people's .DLL work on my device, but if I compile the source with #sharpdevelop myself they don't work ?

STRANGE .....................:sign0137:

It must be my device :cool:


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My PDA whent on vacationns so I cant really tell, But I share the same line of thinking as you...If no dlls are neede why the config.exe must be in the directory?

This brings me to one question:

Is b4ppc v5.5 .net cf 2.0 targetted?

Was it compiled on v5.5? have you tryed to compule in an older version?


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You only need the config file when you use one of the .Net CF 2.0 libraries (Outlook, SQL, ImageLibEx).
It doesn't matter whether you are using v5.5 or v5.0, they both target .Net CF 1.0 by default.

Without the ***.exe.config file, my app gives me this error


I re-ask the question.
My app has 'NO' DLL,s. Why do I need the config file?


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I finally think that the problem is with your device. It seems that your app refuses to run under .NETCF 1.0 or .NETCF 1.0 does not exists or .NETCF 1.0 installation is broken.

If the config file is present your app is running by default under .NETCF 2.0 and does not care about .NETCF 1.0 existance or... healthiness:)