Android Question JustImgSlider - how to make it automatic slide

Discussion in 'Android Questions' started by nickysuwandi, Oct 6, 2018.

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  2. udg

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    i didn't download the class so this is a general hint based on those few posts available in the thread you mention.
    You have the code, so you can modify it.
    Add a timer and on its tick event issue the "touch" command appropriate to make the slide happen.
    I would rather add a function in the original code to act as the calling point of an external timer tick; I mean add a function to the class like "SlideNext" which internally (in the class itself ) sends the appropriate touch event. In your Activity set your timer and call this SlidNext function.
    Sorry not to be of greater help but I'm on the road now. I hope the above could be of inspiration for you.
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  3. Peter Simpson

    Peter Simpson Expert Licensed User

    UDG is correct, but you can also use xCustomListView, in it's properties set the scroll to scroll horizontally and then use the ScrollToItem to smoothly scroll to the next image.

    Using xCustomListView will give you more design control too.
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  4. nickysuwandi

    nickysuwandi Member Licensed User

    Thanks UDF and Peter Simpson for your advise, i am new in basic4android, i had try to modify it, but not success. There feature add slide from url that i needed.

    Peter Simpson, i will try using xCustomListView.
  5. nickysuwandi

    nickysuwandi Member Licensed User

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