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Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by pamoxi, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. pamoxi

    pamoxi Member Licensed User

    I am testing the Basic4PPC (Trial) and I am very happy with this RAD for now.

    I need make arithmetics operations on change values in TextBox, but the event KeyPress fire before that the value in the TextBox are updated.

    How I can make Calculations on change value in TextBox?

    Very Thanks.
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  2. linum

    linum Active Member Licensed User

    Hello. You might be able to use the Door Library to trigger your event after any text change. I use it on one of my apps to filter a table based on what is being typed on a textbox and it triggers right upon typing a new letter.

    Here's the sample code from the Door library's manual:

    Events examples:
    Handle the TextChanged 
    event (fires whenever the text changes).
    'obj is an Object, TextBox1ChangedEvent is an Event.
    Sub App_Start
        TextBox1ChangedEvent.New1( obj.Value,
    End Sub

    Sub TextBox1ChangedEvent_NewEvent
        form1.Text = textbox1.Text
    End Sub

    Hope this helps you...

  3. pamoxi

    pamoxi Member Licensed User

    Very Thanks linum
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