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Hi to all
I have some problems sending some characters by simulating the keyboard with robot class.
The character Ascii '@' has a decimal code = 65 but if I send this code I do not write anything.
Dim robot As JavaObject
Dim jo As JavaObject
robot = jo.RunMethodJO("GetApplication",Null).RunMethodJO("createRobot",Null)
'Send @
Dim i As Int =  lb.Tag  ' Tag = 65
robot.RunMethod("keyPress", Array As Object(i))
robot.RunMethod("keyRelease", Array As Object(i))

I can use RobotPaste but this not work on raspberry, with windows it's ok.


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I think to send @ you need to (assuming windows keyboard with @ over ' )

1, send keyPress shift code (16)
2, send keyPress ' code (192)
3, send keyRelease ' code (192)
4, send keyRelease shift code (16)
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I didn't notice that this post existed until after I posted my question that you can find here

Please shed some light upon it, thanks

btw what is lb.Tag in post #1 ?
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Is it possible to send a combination of keypresses using the above code?

I want to send CTRL+V that should work on both PC and Mac.

I found a ASCII table that might be useful. Go here

14+21, 2A for copy and paste (CTRL+C, CTRL+V)
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