Android Question label alignment inside a panel inside a customlistview


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I need to align a label to the right of the panel to add into a customlistview.

This is the basic code I have:

h is ant int, set in CreatePanel sub (I don't have a better idea):

Sub CreatePanel(MyText As String) As Panel

    Dim l As Label
    Dim p As Panel
    Dim jo As JavaObject = l
    jo.RunMethod("setPadding", Array As Object(10, 10, 10, 10))
    p.AddView(l, 0,0, 80%x,0) 
    Dim su As StringUtils
    h=su.MeasureMultilineTextHeight(l, l.text)+20 '20 is the padding
    l.Height = h
    Return p
End Sub
The first thing I did was something like this...

...but the panel's "width" property is -2 even after the panel is added to the list (got with GetAllViewsRecursive method)

I've tried using javaobject ("Gravity", "setGravity"), but it seems these property/method doesn't exist (or I don't know how to use them)

Bonus track:

I also want to adjust the label width to adapt the text length (-2, ok) but to a maximum of 80%x. If the text length exceeds 80%x, I want the label to have that width (80%x) and grow in height. I've thought comparing the label width with the 80%x, and then assign -2 or 80%x, but again, the width is still -2.

Also, I've tried to look for the way to get the width of a text, as I get the height, but I couldn't find a way except for the "-2". I think with the width I could adjust lengths and alignments manually...

Thank you very much!


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Hi Erel, thanks for your answer.

I've explained myself wrong, and I'm attaching a picture to make it clear.

I don't want to align the text inside the label (I mean; I want but I can do that), I want to align the label within the panel. The "green" is the label, the "gray" is the customlistview background.

The "desired behaviour" I've got here was hardcoding the width value; I need the label width to auto size.

Thank you very much!