Label transparency


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Hi Erel,

Filippo has written a library with transparent Labels.

It works with a PPC program written with Visual Studio using the library, but it doesn't work within a B4PPC program using the same library. He was asking on the german forum why.

As I dont know why, I suggested him to submit the problem to you. He aked me to formulate the question in english because he feels much better in italian or in german.

The files are in this post:

Thank you in advance and Best regards.


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I haven't rigorously analysed this but from looking inside the fgControls library with Reflector he seems to be trying to draw on the forms background directly. Unfortunately a Basic4ppc Form also draws its backlayer and then its forelayer on the form background so I suspect that it is overwriting his drawing. Tell him to look in CEnhancedForm.cs in the Tzor folder to see what a Basic4ppc Form does on paint.