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hi all
i wanted to create a licence for my apps
so the user will put his activation key and this key will update the exp_date in the table, for example 10 days or one month or 2,3,4,5,6,7....12 months depending on a key.
i would like to have unique keys every time , how do is do it where to start?


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You could create an encrypted file key with the expiry date (so the user can't change it). Inside the app use a standard pw. Create a 2nd app to create those keys. Not 100% safe but it will do for 99% of the users. For encryption see Random Access File. This file can be send via email.

If you have a server, you could force the user to do a login and check if he/she is expired.

There are other solutions (like licencing) which are better. For a start and small apps the example above should do.
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