Android Question Licensing - Test Account Performance


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I have recently added the Licensing Lib to a selection of technical apps, so far with some pleasing results. Normally I favour silent background activity but I thought it might discourage the 'Download-Backup-Refund' (DBR) pirates if I added a toast message....

Sub lc_Allow
   ToastMessageShow("Licence Check OK", True)
End Sub

It seems to have done the trick as DBR behaviour is down significantly and I am actually seeing cases of a second purchase within a few minutes of a refund when they find out the backup does not work........ so thanks Erel :)

My question is about test accounts. As you cannot purchase your own app we have to debug by setting the test account response which seems to work well. I understand that the full licensing installation is smart and tolerant of lack of internet access after a couple of days use, but is the test account function the same ?

As I use my own apps frequently I am finding that as a nominated test account my installation is very intolerant of lack of internet connectivity. (Of course the test user is left at 'Licenced'). Even after a couple of days use whilst connected the moment you switch to Airplane Mode it triggers the Sub Lc_DontAllow.

Should a test account user experience the same longer-term experience as a retail & licensed user, or is it only intended for short-term debugging using a different process in the cache?