iOS Tutorial List of methods to access external resources or share to external apps

There are all kinds of ways to share files with other apps or access external resources. Here is a short summary of the available methods:

- ActivityViewController (iPhone library):


Allows sharing text, images or files with third party apps.

- DocumentInteraction (iPhone library):


Allows opening a local file with an external app.

- CFBundleDocumentTypes (no library)

Allows opening external files with your app.

- DocumentPickerViewController (iUI8):


Allows importing external files from external apps including iCloud Drive. Files are copied to the local app.

- Camera (iMedia)

Allows picking photos or videos from photos library.

- Phone.AddImageToAlbum / AddVideoToAlbum (iPhone library)
Adds a photo or video to the photos library.

- Make File.DirDocuments accessible with the built-in Files app:
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thanx for that info this is very helpful.

is there also a possibility to send a file via wifi from my pc (b4j app) to my b4i app?
i was thinking of uploading the file to ftp and the download to the app but if there is a way to directly send the file it would be a better solution.


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There are many ways. A simple one is to add a FTP server to your app:

this is very interesting. i looked at the thread although i could not manage to perform a simple send task from b4j app to b4i app.
i also searched for an example based on ftp server but could not find one.

For further discussion please start a new thread.

ok i will, thanx